Cool Project: Math and Art!

So for my next post I really wanted to share something I created.  When I was in high school the only art project I ever did that made me feel like I could draw was a Similar Figures project.  We had to find a picture (I choose something from the funny papers) and make a grid on it.  Then you had to choose a scale factor that would work for the size paper the art teacher gave us.

For my students (7th and 8th graders) I have done this project a few times.  Most recently I did it with the Flinstones! 🙂  Many had not seen an episode, which prompted me to buy the Jetsons meet the Flinstones movie and show it to them while they worked on this project.  They had many class days to do it and many turned out amazing!  I am always so impressed with what they come out with!  We usually do this right after ISAT’s (Illinois State Testing) as a relaxing way to do math OR at the end of the year when they are done and you are done! 😉  The first document is the directions and rubric.  The second it the pictures.  You will notice the background of the pictures are white (so the students can have some free will with it) and there is a picture border (so the grid can be made).

I have done this with other pictures (Nemo, Monsters, etc…). For an advanced group the backgrounds can be more complex and interesting, but this was a great intro into Similar Figures in geometry.  For many this is a great correlation to the real world and architecture as well as model…anything!  Enjoy!

If you can see it correctly please let me know and I will try to redo the embedding process…(remember this is only my second post…eeek!)

View this document on Scribd
View this document on Scribd

Hello world!

So this is my first blog and I am doing it as part of an new blogger initiation…I have always wanted to try, but never felt I would have the time to blog…we shall see if I can keep this up.

First things first, meaning over the summer I constantly think about a couple goals for the new school year.  I try to narrow it down to 2 things I want to make better or try….Here is what I want to do:

1.  The goal I have been trying to implement for the past few years is parent contact.  Our district makes report card pick-up mandatory, but that is not enough.  The other issue is that many of our parents speak Spanish and therefore it is hard to call home (I am trying Rosette Stone, but that is a process).  Of course I want to call for good things and negative things, but how?? How do I find the time?  When do other teachers do it?  How do they do it?  I thought about picking one day a week and calling or emailing or writing a note, but is that enough?  If I write a note the students can translate if it is good, but what about bad behavior issues or grade/homework issues – can’t always trust the students to translate the truth to their parents.  So I am still looking for suggestions…

2.  Since I have been flipping my classroom since January and will have the same students this year (we loop from 7th to 8th grade in teams) I want to make this process better for the students, streamline the videos and make them more my personality while making them even more valuable.  I want the buy in to be even better than it was.  I want my videos to be able to be kept and stored and used by others. I plan to make my videos shorter than they were.  Use them more wisely. And make my assessments of the videos more meaningful, using discussion boards as well as the multiple choice google form.

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