Day 3 Bivariate Unit – Introduction to the File

I know I am a little behind, but I have lots to share!  (By the way I added photos from the Limbo activity!)

On Day 3 we introduced the Numbers file they would be using for the duration of the unit and let them get started by doing step 1 – watch the video!  This was the day we talked to them about the real world.  Most jobs do not have you sit and listen to your boss for 8 hours and takenotes, which is sometimes what they end up doing in school.  We discussed how many bosses will give you a project and a due date and it is up to you to get it done.  I shared how even on the weekends, I have a life and have days that I do not want to do work, but if I did not update their grades by Monday morning some of them would be upset because we have to check for ineligibility!  Therefore, I know myself and if I decide not to do work on Saturday, then I will be busy on Sunday!  In other office jobs, someone may have a bad day, or get easily distracted for a bit, but in the end they have to manage their time to get the project done by the due date for their boss!

This is the same thing with this unit.  We will provide them with checkpoints along the way and they should be trying to meet those in order to know they are going to complete the unit in a timely manner.  We then showed them the file first and what it looks like and how to follow it!

This was also the day I had a realization – I need these videos inSpanish!  EEK!  I have a student who is new from Mexico and does not speak any English!  She is incredibly smart and I knew she would benefit from Spanish videos if I could find them.  I am using Learn Zillion and they do not currently have all the videos in Spanish…yet!  I know they are going to, but since I needed them now I did a quick search and stumbled onto something pretty amazing.

Universal Subtitles

This site will let you add subtitles to videos!  All I needed was the You Tube website address.  I happen to be able to find some of the Learn Zillion videos on You Tube and I asked a couple of my advanced students to do the translations.  They would get service hours and I would be eternally grateful!  They were able to get me the video by the next day and I was able to email them the link!

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