Day 4-6 Bivariate Unit – Measure Arm Span


After they watched the video they then had to collect data from their classmates as they compared their heights in centimeters to their arm spans in centimeters.  This was another fun and active day!  The only difficulty being the shortened schedule for our Veteran’s Assembly (love the assembly – just a time constraint for measuring!)  It was fun to see them make some of those connections we always hope they make!  Some students realized it should be similar to their heights and others made comments about people with longer arm spans than their height being good at certain sports!

This is exactly what I hoped!  Once they got 10-12 measurements they were to graph the data in their notebook.  I realize now that most of them needed a little more guidance in that area.  They struggled with which variable should be on which axis and many other things.  This is mostly because these students have not been exposed to a lot of graphing.  I think either a class discussion to begin with or a video reminder would have helped!


Once they got through that I wanted to show them how to use Numbers to do the same thing.  I did do this as a class on Day 5!  We walked through the process of selecting all the data, creating the scatter plot and then making adjustments to the graph in “inspector”.

Along with that we started the class discussion from Page 2 of the file.  This discussion was leading them into seeing different correlations or relationships in data (positive, negative, or none).  It was a SMART Notebook file that I put on the SMART Board and they came up to move their own data points.  The first graph was looking at their birth month and how many siblings they have.  Each period had their own color points so that we could see what happened throughout the day!   They loved coming up and moving the points and they were able to see that their was no relationship.

The next graph was looking at their height in inches and their shoe size.  Here they were able to see that their was a positive relationship!  And the last one was the limbos and their height – which we had already done so I showed them their graphs we had made, to see the negative relationship.


This ended up being the day we went over how to graph by hand from Day 4…oops!  Lesson learned!  Again we had shortened periods – this time for Discovery Education testing.

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