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This past school year I started with iPads which led to a whole new set of trial and error.  I was excited and ready to try anything that might make this process easier.  There are people who wondered – LOUDLY – why I would want iPads over laptops and I felt this need to prove I could make students life easier and more creative with the iPads.  The frustrating part is that since I did not got them until after the school year had started – it took me longer to get my bearings and to help the rest of the staff get acquainted with the new processes.  In the end – I am so happy with how things worked out and can’t wait to use them again!


This is a great website and app.  Students can turn in work and you can grade it right on your iPad without downloading each students assignment.  This was the best feature!  Students can submit short videos (1min) and you can have one on one conversations with students – for example:  you check a students work and see they did not complete it, you can send them a note saying to finish it or fix it and they can see it and respond.  This works with both iPads and laptops.


This is the site I now use for flipping!  I love that I can incorporate many things in one place!  You can attach PDF’s, link videos from You Tube/EDUcreations, google docs, put quizzes built in that can be graded within the program, etc.  I flip with self-paced learning and this site allows me to build everything smoothly and easily.  They now have an app if you have the school version.  I think this app is extremely helpful for building lessons!

When I say self-paced flipped learning, I think of it as a way for students to encounter math at their own progression while I am able to check in with students one on one.  It also allows for small groups to be pulled so that students can TALK math while I can truly observe and listen.  When a whole class is discussing a problem it is difficult to hear and understand each pair or group.  But one group at a time allows for the conversation to happen while I hear their process.


Our district uses this site as our organizational tool for students/parents to see what is happening in all classes and to get all of their resources.  I love that this is our system and that parents have access.  I do wish more of our parent population would use it, but I think the system itself is great!


This is the math tool I love most!  This allows students to work on assigned tasks and have the option to play live with students from all over the world!  Check it out!


This is the app I use for all note-taking!  Students can download notes from eChalk or Blendspace or Showbie and then use a stylus or the keyboard to complete their notes or practice sheets!  I think it is versatile and user friendly!


I am willing to give more info and probably will over the course of this blog – but this is my starter list!

Check back tomorrow as I will pick something new to me that I am thinking of using and discuss!

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  1. bigtimeliteracy
    Jul 03, 2014 @ 11:28:17

    You’ve really found so many ways to blend all these apps you use with your kids! So awesome for them (and you, as I’m sure it’s making your life easier!)



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