Explain Everything

This was supposed to post yesterday – but didn’t 😦 Sorry!


This is THE app I use when making videos for my flipped classroom units.  I love this app for making videos because I can make them on my iPad, which means I can write on the iPad in real time for my students as I work through an example and notes.

(I have seen Camtasia in action and also really like this program.  I think it has great features, but not the flexibility of using the iPad to record so unless you have a slate you can’t write in real time.  )

Explain Everything can also be useful for students.  I could present a short problem and have them record themselves solving it and explaining what they did.  This could work for other subjects as well.  They could explain the definition of a word in their own words and draw a picture/use it in a sentence.  They could respond to a question posed in SS or Science and draw pictures when needed to help their explanation.

Click Here for more info on this App!


July 6 – Summer Vacation Plans: Now that we have our little girl, which was the only plan in the books (haha), we have looked at what is going on the rest of the summer.  I think the only thing we will be doing is my families annual Illinois State Fair trip in August.  That is all for….yesterday!

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