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Short one today.  I am a member of NCTM and in the most recent email, the president did an extremely nice job of promoting Common Core and addressing the concerns that so many (especially those not in teaching) have expressed.  I appreciate that this organization is supporting Common Core! 🙂

Here is a link to the article: Click Here

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July 12 – Share about my most important friendships:  I feel like there are so many different parts of me and my different groups of friends reflect those sides.

I have one friend that I have had since birth – Leslie and I started as friends because our mom’s are friends since grade school.  Leslie and I never went to the same school, but have remained friends and we both know we will be there for each other no matter what.


I have a small group of friends from HS (Colleen, Tracey, Christine) that still talk and spend time together.  We may each be very different, but we are there for each other and have great memories doing even the smallest of things together!  These are my more serious friends and laid back.  The most important friend I made in HS is also my best friend – my husband Steve!

Meagan & Steve's Wedding


In college, I joined a sorority (Delta Gamma) and there are 8 of us that remain friends(Alison, Connie, Martha, Erika, Sarah, Darla, Katie).  Sadly – we are all spread out over the country (and at times…world).  We may not see each other often or talk nearly as much as we would want, but when we do talk (Google Hangout or our trips), it is like no time has passed.  We pick up right where we left off and have a great time together!  I also have another friend from college, no in the sorority, but nonetheless a great friend!

DSC01463 DG Girls' Weekend DG Girls' Weekend

I have a few past and current co-workers who I consider friends…i.e. we see each other outside of work and talk about things other than work.  They are people who inspire me with their teaching and also are easy to talk to.  They understand the frustrations and celebrate with me in the successes.

Some of them…

New Camera 091 100_1030_0105 IMG_4498 100_0449

Friends are how we get through life.  Family is always there for you, but friends choose to be there for you.


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