Sunday Funday

As today is Sunday and I guess we should not work every Sunday – I am just going to do the Daily Blog question…

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July 12 – Travel Adventures: Past or Future.

Obviously this summer is spent learning how to be parents, but we did a sort of Babymoon and went to Las Vegas in March!  I had never been to Vegas over 21 so I was really excited to go!  I like gambling – my grandfather taught us grandkids how to play many card games and he loved craps.  My grandparents would go to Vegas many times each year and they brought me with 2 different times – both when I was way to young to gamble.  So I was really excited to get a chance to play blackjack.  It was just such a fun trip with my husband.  We really love traveling together!  We saw some shows: Beatles – Love and Absinthe, and we got to walk around and gamble.  Although my feet were tired, I was relaxed!

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Previous amazing trips:

Hawaii with my husband in 2012 – I would move there!  We were in Oahu, Kauai, and Maui.

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Mediterranean Cruise (Honeymoon):  Barcelona, Cannes, Pisa/Florence, Rome, Naples, Venice, Dubrovnik (Croatia), Corfu (Greece).  This was the most amazing trip! We met some wonderful people and still keep in touch with them.  We got to see so many places we never thought we would see!

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New Orleans (3 different times):  This is where we got engaged on NYE 2008-2009.  We love this city and all it has to offer.  Only thing – don’t go in the summer (you will melt).

Orlando Florida – Universal Studios: I got to see Harry Potter, Hogwarts and Hogsmead!  I went with my mom and husbands aunt and we had a great time!  I will always remember that his aunt asked me to go with her, knowing I was such a huge fan!

Enjoy a great start to your week everyone!

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  1. Colleen Noffsinger
    Jul 14, 2014 @ 09:21:34

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing your adventures. By the way, what program did you use to have your pictures fade in and out like that? Love it!



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