Other videos for Flipping?

Post from yesterday that I started and forgot to finish :(…

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So I am going to put my two sense in the ring about using other videos for flipping.  I am the first one to say when there is a time crunch, use what you can find.  I have used You Tube videos, Khan Academy videos, Learn Zillion videos, etc.  The best quality with the best content for Common Core Math, in my opinion, is Learn Zillion.  These videos are kept short, they look appealing, the information is Common Core.  The best part about Learn Zillion is that you have the option to download the slides yourself and then you can edit them for your students and make your own video!  Just some thoughts for you all if you are thinking about flipping, but hesitant about making your own videos! 🙂


Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 2.13.17 PM

July 14 – Favorite books to teach with?:  Since I do not teach literature – I do not know.  I did teach it for a few years, and the only one I was excited about was Outsiders. However, now I know this was beyond most of my students reading level, which is why they struggled to pick up on all the symbolism and pull from the test to understand the bigger picture.

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