Rock your photos?

Today I was at PD in my district called, Rock Your Photos!  It was given by our Technology Director, Jim Kloss @jazzman1625 .  Not only is this useful in my personal life, but also when taking pictures of things I do in my classroom that I might end up using in social media, my blog, things within my district, or even my teaching portfolio.  He talked about the basic rules for taking photos on any kind of device and then went through the editing capabilities within iPhoto.  Now, I will admit that I knew some of the basics of taking photos since I have a TV/Radio degree.  Many of the same rules apply when shooting video.  He talked about the Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Symmetry and Patterns, Viewpoint, Foreground/background, Authenticity, and Light.  Then we discussed all the cool editing option in iPhoto (under the Adjust tab) after we walked around and took some pictures.  Here are two photos and my edited version as well:

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I think I am getting the hang of this…at least at my VERY basic level! 😉

Lastly, Jim went over how best to save photos for different situations.  If you are sending it to print versus sending it to our district person for printing or publications.

Thanks Jim for all your help today!

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 2.13.17 PM

July 15 – Who are your memorable students?:  One of my most memorable students was a boy named Nick.  He was a smart and quick-witted.  He was a student that could be having a completely serious conversation with me and yet be swinging in between the tables.  I loved his personality and his ability to have a come back for anything anyone said.  I think the other students did not quite understand how smart he was, but I know they did not always get his comebacks!  He was my helper, but also a great conversationalist!  I just know he will do great things in his life!

In my last loop, I had a group of girls that were in my math club, my Battle of the Books, etc that I miss!  They were always themselves and never really apologized for it.  I love that they were comfortable with being who they were and doing what they wanted.  They never really got caught up in the other drama of middle school.  They were also some of the most hard-working students I have ever seen!

I think the most memorable students are the ones that inspire me and teach me something about being a better person or teacher!

Have a great day!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 18:50:36

    Ooo, a Rock Your Photos PD sounds interesting… What’s the rule of thirds?



    • mbubulka
      Jul 15, 2014 @ 19:16:06

      If you divide the framing into thirds vertically and horizontally. You should put the object you want focused on where one of the thirds meet. Hope that makes sense. Basically don’t put the object in the center.



  2. icoachbutler
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 21:07:51

    Thanks for sharing about your most memorable students. Ever think about what kind of student you were and what your teachers remember?



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