This will be my 7th year teaching.  I started out in TV/Radio Production and while working in that field I started coaching basketball and tennis at the high school level.  I fell in love with teaching kids how to do something, like play a sport.  I realized I had enough patience to teach and started working at a middle school as an teacher aide.  I loved it and went back to school to get my masters for teaching.  I did a year long intensive program that would get me my certificate quickly (luckily I was living at home at the time so not making money was okay).  

I work in Berwyn, IL where our student population is about 75% Hispanic and about 80% on free and reduced lunch.  I love my school and district.  Our district is 1:1 where every child K-8 will have technology in their hands, whether it is a iPad or Mac laptop to take home and use during the school year (they do have to pay insurance on the item before they go home).  I used to teach 3 math classes, 1 algebra, and 1 Literature Studies class.  2 math and the Lit Studies class are co-taught with the special education teacher on my team.  Currently, I teach 5 math classes (one of them is advanced and one is co-taught).  We work in teams, meaning each grade level has 2 teams, each with a math, science, social studies, language arts, and special education teacher on them.  All teachers on that team see the same 110 students and we meet as a team of teachers everyday to discuss student issues and concerns as well as plan team things. 

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