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So after doing some research I have seen a few student blogs that are actually their portfolios.  I am intrigued to say the least.  I knew it would be a valuable tool for ELA and SS and Science, but I was unsure about its usefulness in math.  Yesterday when I posted about some math apps, that is when I saw one teachers blog about apps and came across one of them that led me to an example of her students.  I went to it and saw how it was being used for math.  It looked like the students needed to post assessments and summaries of learning to their blog.  I found it a great way to keep all their learning in one place, that was not random sheets of paper that they through away after the test or notebook that is hard to follow.  The assessments went from pictures of assessment tests and  quizzes to explanation videos of their learning for a specific concept.

This blog post if looking more for your input…

Questions I have:

1)  How is checked by the teacher if you have 110 students?

2)  What sites seem to work best?  The one I saw had a password protected for students.

3)  Did the students find it worth it and use it to for their advantage?  Did they have one for each subject or one blog that has all subjects in it?

I am sure I will have more questions, but let’s start there…

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July 8 – How did I end up in teaching?:  I actually started in TV/Radio Production so my path is different.  I finally knew I wanted to be a teacher after I started coaching and realized I had the patience to teach young people how to do things.  I then tested the waters by becoming a teachers aide while going back to finish off some endorsement credit hours at a community college.  I then got into a program that was specifically designed for students who had a bachelors degree in something else and wanted to change careers.  I think it has always been a part of me because I could distinctly remember playing school at home with my little easel.



So for the first tech tool I want to use this coming school year is Remind 101.  This website/app is a way for me to communicate with all of my students and parents via text message.  I love this idea.  Let’s say I need to remind one class about an assignment – I can!  Let’s say I want to remind parents about report card pick up – I can!

Click Here to see it!

7 cool things about this tech tool:

1)  All cell phone numbers are kept private – for the teacher, students, and parents!  This is great since we don’t want students to have our info and parents probably do not want us to have their child’s cell number, nor do we want it…

2)  Yes you have to get the parents and kids to sign up, but all they need in a phone with text messaging to do it and most would rather that than having to go to a website!

3)  The site makes it easy for educators to use it!

4) There is an app!

5)  You can schedule your messages to be sent at a certain time so that you don’t have to be at your device at the exact time you want to send it out.

6)  Great for parent communication!

7) They give you everything you might need in PDFs to share with students and parents!  It also gives a page to print and pass out for the parents to sign up!

I first heard about this at the end of the school year when our Virtual Summer School administrator mentioned it for them to use and that we might all want to take a look at it.  Now that I have – of course I will set this up for the coming school year!  (I will just have to give my info to the Long Term Sub I will have at the beginning of the year – but love this idea!)

Happy 3rd of July! 🙂

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